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Tips & Hacks

  • Your two sock designs do not have to be the same, customize them however you like.

  • Layout your ornament first, and then glue them onto the sock.

  • Glue dries quickly, place glue on ornaments rather than the sock.

  • Place cardboard or folded paper inside the sock to avoid glue sticking to the other side.

  • Attach red satin thread (included) and hang on your mantel or Christmas tree

  • Mix and match ornaments, don’t be afraid to be creative. There is no right or wrong way!

  • If you plan to wear the socks, do not glue the heel, toe and the sole area.

  • Your finished Real Ugly Socks makes a great keepsake, or framed gift.

  • Don’t be afraid to put on a lot of ornaments. The “uglier” the better!

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